Ranking Every 2020 Anime (That I Actually Finished), From Worst to Best – Part 1

In this monstrous multi-part article, I rank all 21 anime from 2020 that I actually watched front-to-back. In this first part of the list, we cover the worst of the lot, looking at how and why they failed.

(REVIEW) Shadows on The Sun: The Forgotten Flames of DAY BREAK ILLUSION

All of my reviews contain spoilers for the reviewed material. This is your only warning. I’ll be the light that breaks the sky. In modern tarot fortune telling, a card being dealt inverted is generally a bad sign. A portent of something ill, or at the very least, great obstacles to be overcome. This perhapsContinue reading “(REVIEW) Shadows on The Sun: The Forgotten Flames of DAY BREAK ILLUSION”

Twenty Perfect Minutes – ReCREATORS Episode 1: The Wonderful Voyage

Twenty Perfect Minutes is an irregular column series where I take a look at single specific anime that shaped my experience with the medium, were important to me in some other way, or that I just really, really like. “You made this crazy world. I’m stuck between the two….” Re:CREATORS was a weird little blipContinue reading “Twenty Perfect Minutes – ReCREATORS Episode 1: The Wonderful Voyage”

Why Blog About Anime Anyway?

I see the question asked, sometimes, you know? And I’ve thought about the answer at great length. I have, at this point, stumbled ass-backwards into a kind of, sort of, if you squint, successful-ish career as a person who Writes About Japanese Cartoons For A Living. (It’s only able to be such because of additionalContinue reading “Why Blog About Anime Anyway?”

It’s Out of Touch Thursday – How A “Lucky Star” Edit is Keeping Us Sane

“But I’m out of my head when you’re not around….” How oh how did we get here? If you had asked me a year ago, I’d have told you that Lucky Star seemed like one of those shows whose cultural footprint was not destined to outlive the 2010s. That’s not a knock, plenty of greatContinue reading “It’s Out of Touch Thursday – How A “Lucky Star” Edit is Keeping Us Sane”

Spring Anime Season First Impressions – Round 3

Shachibato! President, It’s Time for Battle! I’m not one to accuse shows of going through the motions, but it feels fair to say that Shachibato! is aiming pretty much exclusively for one crowd–people who like the mobile game it’s an adaptation of–and nobody else. The ultratypical fantasy series is spiced up with the minor twistContinue reading “Spring Anime Season First Impressions – Round 3”

Spring Anime Season First Impressions – Round 2

LISTENERS Self-empowerment parable through the medium of superpowered CGI rock n’ roll-robots. You’ve heard this story before even if you didn’t realize it–the folks behind Listeners are surely familiar with the seminal FLCL–but wearing its influences on its sleeve is no knock. Call Listeners a “high variance” seasonal, this one could end up being theContinue reading “Spring Anime Season First Impressions – Round 2”

Spring Anime Season First Impressions – Round 1

The first few weeks of an anime season are always the most exciting to me. You get to see how the short little clips and promo art pieces of preview materials translate into actual, full-length episodes. So to share that joy, I’ve decided I’m going to pen short little thoughtpieces (or maybe not-so-short in someContinue reading “Spring Anime Season First Impressions – Round 1”

Let’s Watch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 9

Catching up was not as big an issue as I thought it’d be. However, this shorter length is probably going to be the norm from here on out rather than the exception. We’ll see what the future holds, though. This is another simple character study episode. This time covering Hinata and her attempts to takeContinue reading “Let’s Watch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 9”