Let’s Watch Archives

This is the archives page for my Let’s Watch column, where I follow an anime week-by-week and give my thoughts and analyses on each episode. As with all of my archive pages, this is a simple text list sorted by most recent to oldest. First Impressions posts on anime I later pick up for Let’s Watch are also grandfathered in.

Please note that I only began posting this column on this site, under its current name, in late 2021, beginning with takt op.Destiny. Some columns from before then, for The Geek Girl Authority and identical to my Let’s Watch series in most respects, are grandfathered in here, but that site had editorial restrictions and guidelines that I am no longer subject to, to say nothing of the simple fact that my opinions on some things have changed over time. Do keep all that in mind.




All columns below this line written for The Geek Girl Authority. Links lead off-site.


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