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Anime Archives
– Full reviews of a given anime or similar.
Let’s Watch – Column where I follow an anime as it airs and detail my thoughts and analyses of each episode as it comes out.
Seasonal First Impressions – First impressions of currently-airing seasonal anime. Generally written within 24 hours of their premiere.
Anime Orbit – Seasonal check-ins, state-of-the-medium writeups, fluff columns, pieces about weird trends or old shows I’m watching. They all go here.
KeyFramesForgotten – A Podcast, co-hosted with Julian M. of THEM Anime Reviews, in which we discuss anime that the public has largely left behind, why they did so, and if those anime deserve a second chance.
Twenty Perfect Minutes – Posts about single anime episodes I just really, really like.

Manga Archives

The Manga Shelf – A column where I spotlight interesting, weird, charming, or just plain fun manga that I’ve been reading recently.
One Piece Every Day – Your daily dose of pirate manga. (CANCELLED)

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