Weekly Anime Writing Roundup – 7/27/20

Hi folks! If you only follow me here on MPA you’ve probably not seen much of me lately. Iv’e been doing quite a lot of writing, but most of it not on here. From now on, I’m going to be trying to do a roundup of everything I’ve done in the past week related toContinue reading “Weekly Anime Writing Roundup – 7/27/20”

Let’s Watch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 9

Catching up was not as big an issue as I thought it’d be. However, this shorter length is probably going to be the norm from here on out rather than the exception. We’ll see what the future holds, though. This is another simple character study episode. This time covering Hinata and her attempts to takeContinue reading “Let’s Watch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 9”

Let’s Watch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 6

This week’s episode is interesting. It focuses not on any individual character, but on several. We learn a bit more about Latte (the dog princess and our seasonal mascot), Nodoka’s mother, and Nodoka herself. As a small note before we get started, the regular opening this week is replaced with footage from the upcoming PrecureContinue reading “Let’s Watch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 6”

Let’s Watch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 5

This week’s dose of Precure goodness is an episode about how two of our girls don’t quite “get” each other and how they learn to overcome that. It’s also quite funny, but I’m starting to think that that’s just an inherent trait of Hinata, who this episode is partly about. The gist is pretty simple.Continue reading “Let’s Watch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 5”

Let’s Watch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 4

This week’s episode begins with a small comedy of errors, and I couldn’t be more delighted. Our episode opens with Hinata encountering Nyatoran. And, consequently, an early contender for the best contiguous five seconds of anime in 2020. This kicks off a runabout where Nyatoran has to pretend to be the world’s one and onlyContinue reading “Let’s Watch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 4”

Let’s Watch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 3

To be honest there’s not a ton about this week’s episode I want to cover. It’s a fairly typical early plot beat for the franchise, after all, but we shouldn’t undersell the importance of getting our second Precure. First thing’s first though, this might have one of the most unfortunate titles of any Precure episodeContinue reading “Let’s Watch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 3”

Let’s Livewatch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 2

Healin’ Good‘s second episode gets a pretty standard “template” of Precure episode out of the way fairly early. One where the mascot(s) and Cure(s) have some kind of brief falling out before reconciling. It’s an easily-traced narrative arc so instead of just recapping the whole episode, I’d like to just zoom in on a fewContinue reading “Let’s Livewatch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 2”

Let’s Watch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 1

To lead with a simple truth; this project is the actual reason I created this WordPress blog in the first place. I’ve tried this once before, last year I tried liveblogging HeartCatch Precure on my now-defunct janesanimeblog site on good ol’ tumblr before life got in the way. I wanted to give it another shot,Continue reading “Let’s Watch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 1”