(REVIEW) Love in Wartime: The Politics and Emotion of EUREKA SEVEN

This review was commissioned. That means I was paid to watch and review the series in question. You can learn about my commission policies and how to buy commissions of your own here. This review contains spoilers for the reviewed material. This is your only warning. Amazing gracehow sweet the sound Sekai-kei, or “world story”,Continue reading “(REVIEW) Love in Wartime: The Politics and Emotion of EUREKA SEVEN”

Weekly Anime Writing Roundup – 7/27/20

Hi folks! If you only follow me here on MPA you’ve probably not seen much of me lately. Iv’e been doing quite a lot of writing, but most of it not on here. From now on, I’m going to be trying to do a roundup of everything I’ve done in the past week related toContinue reading “Weekly Anime Writing Roundup – 7/27/20”