Let’s Watch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 9

Catching up was not as big an issue as I thought it’d be. However, this shorter length is probably going to be the norm from here on out rather than the exception. We’ll see what the future holds, though.

This is another simple character study episode. This time covering Hinata and her attempts to take her two friends to a photoshoot boutique at a mall (not something that really exists in the US but my understanding is that they’re not rare in Japan). Hinata continues her reign as the show’s at least-semi-intentional neurodivergence rep. The trip goes wrong a few times because of Hinata attempting to jump the gun on things–something very familiar to anyone with ADHD or the like. She even tries to take on this week’s Megapathogerm all on her own, which doesn’t work out for her. Though, we do get another great fight scene out of the whole ordeal.

Hinata’s a great character in general and probably my favorite of the three leads so far this season. Intentional-ness of the representation aside, she’s broadly relatable to anyone whose short attention span has ever gotten them in trouble, and as a woman who was a chronic C student in grade school, I feel it. I also really like whoever in the writer’s room is playing cupid between her and Nodoka, because they really poured it on this week.

Absolutely superb.

Puppy love or not being its own thing, this is a great episode and showcases some positive character development for Hinata, whose arc continues to be the one I’m most excited about. Behold our Shot of The Week, a Very Surprised Cure Sparkle.

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