The Otafest Answer: Discovering Fun and Camaraderie in Exploration Through The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

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“If there’s really that many people in the world, then there had to be someone who wasn’t ordinary. There had to be someone who was living an interesting life. There just had to be. Why wasn’t I that person?” –Haruhi Suzumiya Upon entering high school, Kyon’s dreams of living…

What’s Tre Listening To At Home? (5/14/2020)

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What’s Tre Listening To is a series of posts where our host shares highlights of his recent listening habits: old, new or anywhere in between. via @Swardy on Twitter Swardy –? Palomino Benjamin Swardlick’s music is tailor-made to make you smile. Perhaps known best as one–third of the M…

Let’s Watch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 8 Mini

Sorry for the short article. Some stuff has come up and to put it plain I’m going to be an episode behind for a while. Here’s a small writeup about episode 8 in the meantime. The premise of episode 8 is extremely simple. Chiyu, who is her school’s star hi-jump athlete, suddenly has a caseContinue reading “Let’s Watch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 8 Mini”

Let’s Watch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 7

This is probably the weirdest circumstance I’ve ever started one of these posts under. As I type this it’s 1AM during week one of what is likely to be a weeks- to months-long lockdown of most places and people in my residential state of Illinois because of the COVID outbreak. I contemplated not updating theContinue reading “Let’s Watch Healin’ Good Precure – Episode 7”