5 thoughts on “Ranking Every 2022 Anime I Actually Finished from Worst to Best – Part 2

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  3. @Neptune’s beard Yeah! You get where i’m coming from with both shows, I’d say. I do still like both and I’d probably watch more if they made more (which is kind of my ultimate “at the end of the day, do I like this or not?” yardstick) but the flaws are pretty noticeable in both cases. Ah well.

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  4. Lycoris Recoil is definitely a case of an excellent main character, more than solid character concepts, art direction and animation let down by an incoherent story. I think I like it despite all that because of how lovable the main characters are. (And because Chisato and Takina love each other so much…)

    The Executioner and Her Way of Life is much better written, in basically every way except one. I think the one great flaw is that the main four don’t have enough “texture”; that we only get a very limited picture of their personalities. Maybe having more meaningful interactions with supporting characters could have helped, I’m not sure.

    And of course, the thing you said about the structure. The anime really ends right after the characters’ adventure begins in earnest. The anime is still a vast improvement over the source LN, which tends to over-explain the feelings and thoughts of the characters (a lot of words without providing any further insight).

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  5. Hey, you watched Fuuto PI! Almost no one has posted about that series, which is a shame, I kind of liked that one. It really needs a second season, too many questions were left unanswered.

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