Weekly Writing Roundup – 9/20/20

Hi folks! Bit of a lighter week this time around, I’ve been in a rough spot mentally and I’m sure I’m not the only one, given yet more recent goings-on in the world. But I won’t get too into that here, this isn’t really that kind of blog. Take care of each other out there!Continue reading “Weekly Writing Roundup – 9/20/20”

(REVIEW) Love in Wartime: The Politics and Emotion of EUREKA SEVEN

This review was commissioned. That means I was paid to watch and review the series in question. You can learn about my commission policies and how to buy commissions of your own here. This review contains spoilers for the reviewed material. This is your only warning. Amazing gracehow sweet the sound Sekai-kei, or “world story”,Continue reading “(REVIEW) Love in Wartime: The Politics and Emotion of EUREKA SEVEN”

Weekly Writing Roundup – 9/13/20

HELLO It’s been a bit since I wrote one of these! I didn’t have much to report on on Tuesday since, as I mentioned in last week’s roundup, I was taking some time off. Since then though I’ve done quite a few things, so I’ve got plenty to write about here. I hope you’re allContinue reading “Weekly Writing Roundup – 9/13/20”

Weekly Writing Roundup – 9/1/20

Hello again ladies, gents, and nonbinary friends! It feels like it’s been forever since I did one of these, but the actual truth of the matter is that I’ve just been quite busy! I got a lot of writing done this past week. One administrative note! I ah, haven’t been great about keeping the suggestionsContinue reading “Weekly Writing Roundup – 9/1/20”

Weekly Anime Writing Roundup – 8/25/20

Hello folks! Not much to say in the lead-in here, we’ve got an old groupwatch ending, a new one starting, a couple stray articles here and there. Nothing too crazy this week but I’ve been able to keep up a good clip. Still not entirely sure about the film thing I mentioned last week, forContinue reading “Weekly Anime Writing Roundup – 8/25/20”

Under The Deep Pale Moon: Revisiting THE ROLLING GIRLS Five Years Later

Whatever else may be said about it, there is almost nothing else like The Rolling Girls. From its circumstances of creation, to its odd hodgepodge of themes and aesthetics, to even its place in the broader continuum of 2010s TV anime. The Rolling Girls is a true original, one of the few directorial turns fromContinue reading “Under The Deep Pale Moon: Revisiting THE ROLLING GIRLS Five Years Later”

Weekly Anime Writing Roundup – 8/18/20

Another Tuesday night edition. I’ve reconciled myself with the idea that as long as I get these up once a week it’s still pretty much fine. Some stuff to lead off with here. I had the idea of possibly allowing Patreon patrons and/or Ko-Fi donators to suggest an anime movie for me to watch onceContinue reading “Weekly Anime Writing Roundup – 8/18/20”