Ranking Every 2020 Anime (That I Actually Finished), From Worst to Best – Part 1

In this monstrous multi-part article, I rank all 21 anime from 2020 that I actually watched front-to-back. In this first part of the list, we cover the worst of the lot, looking at how and why they failed.

Paper Hearts & Lies – What Does 22/7 Think It’s Doing?

22/7 started this anime season promisingly. It presented us with a pretty simple premise. An idol series turned sideways–the members of the idol troupe brought together not by happenstance, but by the government, working on the orders of a mysterious artefact called The Wall. A literal plot device in many ways, The Wall was theContinue reading “Paper Hearts & Lies – What Does 22/7 Think It’s Doing?”