to pick up the pen and sing again – Another Late Night “Idolm@ster” Ramble

A common, but under-examined aspect of the human experience is paralysis. The feeling of “I can’t do that.” The inability to move on, the shock of freshly re-opened trauma, the crushing mundanity and idleness of simple insecurity. I recently lost part of my primary writing tool. This, coming off a rather difficult week of responsesContinue reading “to pick up the pen and sing again – Another Late Night “Idolm@ster” Ramble”

Apathy Is Not The Answer: The Anime Fan Community Needs To Defend Its Most Vulnerable Members

I don’t normally write things like this. I so don’t normally write things like this that I’m at something of a loss as to how to start this post. The specific catalyst for this post is a notice from Anilist moderators Mex and Electrochemist that they’re stepping down as staff members, but the issues hereContinue reading “Apathy Is Not The Answer: The Anime Fan Community Needs To Defend Its Most Vulnerable Members”

Weekly Anime Writing Roundup – 7/27/20

Hi folks! If you only follow me here on MPA you’ve probably not seen much of me lately. Iv’e been doing quite a lot of writing, but most of it not on here. From now on, I’m going to be trying to do a roundup of everything I’ve done in the past week related toContinue reading “Weekly Anime Writing Roundup – 7/27/20”

First Impressions: The Great Pretender is a Must-Watch

Sound the alarm, after a solid two years of bankrolling wet cement, Netflix has finally thrown their bullion behind something that people will actually want to watch again. But don’t take that to mean that The Great Pretender is a retread. Pretender is a live-wire technicolor battle-of-wits-slash-action-series that takes place in the streets of LAContinue reading “First Impressions: The Great Pretender is a Must-Watch”

Why Blog About Anime Anyway?

I see the question asked, sometimes, you know? And I’ve thought about the answer at great length. I have, at this point, stumbled ass-backwards into a kind of, sort of, if you squint, successful-ish career as a person who Writes About Japanese Cartoons For A Living. (It’s only able to be such because of additionalContinue reading “Why Blog About Anime Anyway?”

It’s Out of Touch Thursday – How A “Lucky Star” Edit is Keeping Us Sane

“But I’m out of my head when you’re not around….” How oh how did we get here? If you had asked me a year ago, I’d have told you that Lucky Star seemed like one of those shows whose cultural footprint was not destined to outlive the 2010s. That’s not a knock, plenty of greatContinue reading “It’s Out of Touch Thursday – How A “Lucky Star” Edit is Keeping Us Sane”

Seasonal Check-in: Spring 2020

Gleipnir Let it be said that if nothing else, Gleipnir is far better than it has any right to be. To strip away all the extraneous guff (and my own biases at least for the moment) what Gleipnir essentially is, at least right now, is a battle shonen with a much darker outlook than most.Continue reading “Seasonal Check-in: Spring 2020”

Spring Anime Season First Impressions – Round 1

The first few weeks of an anime season are always the most exciting to me. You get to see how the short little clips and promo art pieces of preview materials translate into actual, full-length episodes. So to share that joy, I’ve decided I’m going to pen short little thoughtpieces (or maybe not-so-short in someContinue reading “Spring Anime Season First Impressions – Round 1”

Paper Hearts & Lies – What Does 22/7 Think It’s Doing?

22/7 started this anime season promisingly. It presented us with a pretty simple premise. An idol series turned sideways–the members of the idol troupe brought together not by happenstance, but by the government, working on the orders of a mysterious artefact called The Wall. A literal plot device in many ways, The Wall was theContinue reading “Paper Hearts & Lies – What Does 22/7 Think It’s Doing?”

765 Days Later: Late Night Idolm@ster Ramble

Finally, some actual original anime writing for my anime blog, eh? It’s nice to get into the swing of things of getting my ideas sorted without worrying too much about the formal aspect. So let’s cut to the chase. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been intermittently taking in turn-of-the-decade classic The Idolmaster inContinue reading “765 Days Later: Late Night Idolm@ster Ramble”