Seasonal Check-in: Spring 2020

Gleipnir Let it be said that if nothing else, Gleipnir is far better than it has any right to be. To strip away all the extraneous guff (and my own biases at least for the moment) what Gleipnir essentially is, at least right now, is a battle shonen with a much darker outlook than most.Continue reading “Seasonal Check-in: Spring 2020”

Spring Anime Season First Impressions – Round 2

LISTENERS Self-empowerment parable through the medium of superpowered CGI rock n’ roll-robots. You’ve heard this story before even if you didn’t realize it–the folks behind Listeners are surely familiar with the seminal FLCL–but wearing its influences on its sleeve is no knock. Call Listeners a “high variance” seasonal, this one could end up being theContinue reading “Spring Anime Season First Impressions – Round 2”