765 Days Later: Late Night Idolm@ster Ramble

Finally, some actual original anime writing for my anime blog, eh? It’s nice to get into the swing of things of getting my ideas sorted without worrying too much about the formal aspect. So let’s cut to the chase. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been intermittently taking in turn-of-the-decade classic The Idolmaster inContinue reading “765 Days Later: Late Night Idolm@ster Ramble”

Lampshade Days: What The Fuck Is TVTropes.org?

I’ve had nightmares about this, to be honest with you. Today we’re going to get into something that is pretty peripheral to anime–namely, a site that catalogs it (and many other things). TVTropes.org. It’s a very weird task to be asked to consider TVTropes objectively. I am technically not being asked, of course, but partContinue reading “Lampshade Days: What The Fuck Is TVTropes.org?”