Weekly Anime Writing Roundup – 8/11/20

So it is Tuesday–Tuesday night at that–and I am only just now getting to this. A late one just three weeks in to my new schedule! Alas. You’ll have to forgive me, it’s been a rough few days here at the lakeside temple for reasons I mostly won’t get into here. On with the anime!Continue reading “Weekly Anime Writing Roundup – 8/11/20”

Weekly Anime Writing Roundup – 8/3/20

So it’s the middle of the night and I’ve committed to doing these on Mondays I guess. Whatever! Anime time. Twitter The Rolling Girls livewatch for #AniTwitWatches – An advantage of linking to the Twitter moments is that I can literally just copy and paste the links lmao. Anyhow: the arc of The Rolling Girls weContinue reading “Weekly Anime Writing Roundup – 8/3/20”