Let’s Watch RWBY: ICE QUEENDOM Episode 7 – Dreams Come Rued

Let’s Watch is a weekly recap column where I follow an anime for the course of its entire runtime. Expect spoilers!

Before I say anything else, I do want to be clear that yes, “Dreams Come Rued” is this episode’s title. That’s not a typo; it’s “rued” as in the past tense of that word you only ever see in the phrase “rue the day.”

In any case, I think I have maybe not done the best job of conveying how goddamn weird this show is. RWBY: Ice Queendom is an anime that, by now, has taken place mostly within a dream world by volume. And inarguably, one of its strengths is that that world does in fact run on a convincing facsimile of dream logic. Things change on a whim according to the dreamer’s mood and, indeed, changing the dream itself is part of Team RWBY’s plan as they once again venture into the depths of Weiss’ mind, with Team JNPR’s Jaune in tow.

We open with The Funky Four + 1 More here trying a different tack; they defend one of the ice trains that continuously attempts to enter the city from the recurring White Fang attacks. In doing so, they allow one of the trains to enter the fortresslike Winter City for the first time, perhaps, ever. Weiss, notably, has to actually give the order to open the city’s gates and hesitates until the very last moment to do so, a pretty straightforward metaphor for how much difficulty she has in letting other people into her life. She actually visibly is panicking a bit as she has to make the call. Indicative of authoritarian people freaking out when they no longer have pet issues to fearmonger over or just reflective of the fact that Weiss is, like, super tightly-wound? We at Magic Planet Anime ask, is there no reason it cannot be both?

Regardless, the results are pretty magnificent. The city literally transforms around the train as it enters, and despite Weiss’ protestations that the city “will not change” and how she has to make Blake “understand” this, for a while it looks like things might resolve themselves peacefully. Team RWBY hide out of the way while Jaune enters one of the “Silly Prisons.” That’d be the literal cages where the dreamscape versions of Team JNPR are kept, as we first saw several episodes back. Unfortunately—and, call me crazy, I’m getting the impression that whoever wrote this episode is not super fond of Jaune—Jaune ends up unleashing a horde of tiny, chibi Weisses—Miniweissen, we’ll say—who promptly start babbling one-liners like this.

Now he does get ahold of one of those relics—this one yellow—too, but this turns out to be a pretty big fuckup. Frankly, the entire thing has to truly be seen to be believed; it’s nuts. If Ice Queendom was just uncut weirdness like this all the time, it’d probably be my favorite thing airing this season.

Ruby of course interprets the Miniweissen being free to run about as a good thing. And it does initially seem like it might be, because they disable the menacing robot guards from attacking by…infecting them with childishness?

But then they start making a mess of the city, and it rapidly becomes clear that whatever the solution might be to Weiss’ horrible combination of a self-loathing complex, deeply-ingrained bigoted attitudes, and a generally authoritarian attitude towards not just others but herself as well, it was not letting these things out. Before too long, they combine into larger forms—Magnaweissen?—and start levelling buildings and such.

And then, of course, Weiss calls toward the heavens….


….and promptly unleashes her giant bronze spider mecha. What, you don’t remember that from the original show? (Honestly, I shouldn’t say things like that given that I haven’t seen it. Maybe it is in the original series.)

If I seem to have a lack of things to say here, I think it’s more because this is a transitional episode than anything else. Team RWBY have tried a different approach and it’s gone awry, and we end on a pretty intense cliffhanger as Weiss summons the aforementioned spider mecha. I have no idea where this is going, but I’m excited to find out.

Yeah, okay, maybe she’s a bad person, but the style though. Sheesh.

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