and now, this.

Making a WordPress blog in 2020 feels so incongruous that it’s almost funny. Yet, here I am, adding a third Writing Thing to my plate.

If you’re reading this, you already know who I am (if you don’t, how on Earth did you find this place? No seriously, tell me, it’ll be great for my SEO) and what I’m about. But just to reiterate: I talk too much about anime. Sometimes, I even get paid for it. Right here on WordPress though I’m mostly going to be posting stray thoughts and stuff I never quite finished from elsewhere. I do plan to liveblog the new Pretty Cure when it launches in a week though, that’ll be chill, right? Regardless, this is going to be more relaxed and casual than most of my writing. I like thinking of my anime-related writing as documenting a personal journey, and I think returning to my roots a little bit will help in that regard.

Hope y’all choose to stick around. Don’t be afraid to subscribe if you like what you see ✌

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