Hiatus Notice [11/8/20]

Hi, as the title implies, Magic Planet Anime is going to go on hiatus for a while. To put it bluntly: I have an ear condition that’s started to act up in a notably serious way after quite some time of not doing so. I’m not really in a position where I can even comfortably watch much anime (or anything that requires any significant attention), much less meaningfully comment on it. I’m probably going to be effectively bedridden for at minimum a few days and possibly as much as a few weeks to months depending on what can be done with regard to treatment.

I hope you’ll all continue to follow the blog so you can be notified when I resume activities. In the meantime, my usual support links are in the footer below. Now more than ever I could use the financial support. If you want more immediate moment-to-moment updates, my twitter link is also in the footer. Thank you all for your continued support.


If you like my work, consider following me on Twitter, supporting me on Ko-Fi, or checking out my other anime-related work on Anilist or for The Geek Girl Authority.

All views expressed on Magic Planet Anime are solely my own opinions and conclusions and should not be taken to reflect the opinions of any other persons, groups, or organizations. All text is owned by Magic Planet Anime. Do not duplicate without permission. All images are owned by their original copyright holders.

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