Weekly Writing Roundup – 10/5/20

It’s been a busy week here at MPA. I haven’t had GGA work to worry about because the new season’s only just started, so I haven’t settled on my pickups yet. As such, I’ve been doing a lot of work for the blog, I hope some of it is of interest to you. Let’s begin!

Magic Planet Anime

(REVIEW) Shadows on The Sun: The Forgotten Flames of DAY BREAK ILLUSION: I’ve been on something of a magical girl kick for the last month or so. (I go through those sometimes). One result was checking out this particular anti-classic, blew through the whole thing in less than 24 hours. It’s a really interesting anime to me because despite its reputation as “the first Madoka Clone” it strikes me as not having a ton in common with that series. The long and short is that I liked it a lot, despite its poor reputation nowadays. Give this one a read! I’m proud of it.

(REVIEW) DRACULA, SOVEREIGN OF THE DAMNED Is A Graveyard….Something: I must thank commissioner Myrdradek for getting me to watch something I almost certainly wouldn’t have otherwise and for inadvertently getting my blog into the Halloween spirit. I didn’t totally know what to make of this one, honestly, beyond finding it rather goofy. It does have some nice art though! Also: yes this is where that .gif of Dracula eating a hamburger is from. Important internet history right there.

The Manga Shelf: The Morbid Optimism of SUICIDE GIRL: Here’s another “edgy magical girl” property, a subgenre I’ve increasingly come to think might be kind of misunderstood. That broader topic aside, if you can get past the content warnings (they’re at the top of the article, though you can probably deduce them from the name of the work, honestly) and the controversial subject matter, this is a surprisingly idealistic series. One that I think will get even better as it goes on, but I suppose time will tell.

The Problem With Balgo Parks in BURN THE WITCH: This certainly not my favorite kind of article to write, but it’s by far one of the easiest. I really wanted to like the Burn The Witch OVA. Honestly I kind of did! Except for its male lead, who is all over it in the worst way possible all the time. Why!

Twitter “Live Watches”

ANOTHER (For #AniTwitWatches): This is another spooky series, this time with the #AniTwitWatches gang. I uh….knew basically nothing about this series going in other than that it was a mystery anime. Frankly I still don’t know much about it, but it’s interesting, I’ll say that much. Lots of ominously-charged dialogue and some Final Destination-style murder-by-circumstance. Cannot wait to get to this week’s episodes later today!

Sailor Moon (For #FightingEvilByGroupwatch): I think most of my thoughts on this week’s Sailor Moon episodes are covered in that first tweet. Fun pair of episodes though! Enjoyed ’em.

Other Thoughts N Such

I hope you’ll forgive me for keeping the “other thoughts” section brief this time around, I’ve got some thoughts on the new anime season but that’ll probably make it to another post soon. One minor note: Utena will be back before next week! You have my word! Unless something goes horribly wrong, of course. Another minor note: watch Assault Lily Bouquet.

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